Why Is No Deal Such A Big Deal??

Having spoken with hundreds of Leave voters over the past two years, it is patently obvious to me that these people want to be divorced totally, yes cutting all ties with the EU, which they see as a corrupt non-democratic establishment intent on total control of the people. Witnessing the despicable behavour of these unelected bureaucrats during the Brexit negotiations has only served to toughen their need to escape the EU. During the run up to the EU referendum in 2016, there was no mention of a deal of any sorts, it was simply IN or OUT!

So you can imagine the fury of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave, who are now being told that it is becoming increasingly clear that crashing out of the EU without a deal will cause chaos and put the jobs of thousands of our constituents at risk.

Yet I have not heard one single MP, who insist that ‘No Deal’ will bring chaos, backing up their statements with evidence of their claims. It is all just an extension of the fear-mongering tactics that Remainers have been working on since they lost the referendum. Lies and deceit and all based on the word “could”. House prices could fall, goods could be more expensive, and hundreds of thousands of jobs could be at risk. All based on opinions of those that want to scupper Brexit.

In the lead up to the actual EU referendum, George Osborne and David Cameron steadily built up the fear-mongering in a bid to put voters off Brexit. They failed to prevent Brexiteers winning the vote and their claims turned out to be totally untrue. So why are we now expected to believe the claims of politicians who, are all Remainers and are determined to reverse the outcome of the 2016 vote. There are those politicians who are campaigning for a ‘Peoples Vote”, a second referendum, with the PM May’s deal (which no one wants) or Remain as the only two options. You can’t make this rubbish up!

No Deal, as any good businessman will tell you, is the best negotiating position for the UK to move forward with. There is not a single Country in the EU that will not want to trade with us and the EU will be clambering for a deal, which puts us in a very strong position for the future of not just ourselves but for generations to come. We should then have a very strong team of negotiators experienced in setting up deals to work on our behalf. Not a silly woman who does not know the first thing about it!

So my message to Remain voting MPs is to stop trying to block ‘no deal’ Brexit, without proof that your claims about the repercussions of such a scenario are true. The benefits of ‘No Deal’ totally outweigh the truth!

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