The Power Of The Brexiteer..

David Winnick was re-elected MP for Walsall North on May 7th 2015 with 14392 votes, taking 39.0% of the vote. In the 2016 EU referendum, the longest serving MP in the West Midlands, who had served the constituency for over 38 years, campaigned and voted to Remain in the EU, warning his constituents that a vote to leave could have a disastrous impact on trade in the region. Yes, he applied the most often used word by Remainers, ‘could’, which Leave voters have come to realise, means maybe, and therefore is probably untrue. David Winnick, not unlike other Remain MPs, who rely on scaremongering to put across the fact that they would like to reverse the Brexit result, never backed up his claim with evidence or proof.

David Winnick – Represented Walsall North fro 38 yrs.

So the EU referendum result in Walsall North went the way of Leave with a massive 71.2% of the votes. That scenario was not totally unusual, but in many other constituents where the Leave electorate were in total opposition to the Remain MP, the MP had accepted the result and made it clear publicly, that they would give full support to the Government to deliver Brexit. David Winnick failed to address the huge differential.
So, in 2017 when Theresa May called a snap election. The Leave electorate, who had been faithful to Winnick for years, chose to vote for the Conservative candidate, Eddie Hughes, who is Pro Brexit and a Leave voter.

Eddie Hughes beat David Winnick in the 2107 GE with a swing of 15%

Eddie Hughes, had a lot of ground to make up at the 2017 General Election, but with the support of the Leave voters he was able to bring about a 15% swing away from Labour, beating David Winnick by over 2000 votes. This just goes to show the potential power of the Leave voters and how Remain MPs should think long and hard before they try to undemocratically steal Brexit away from the 17.4 million..

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