Let’s Face It! MPs Just Can’t Be Trusted!

Over the last six months the term “No Deal Brexit” has been brought more to the forefront of the Brexit discussions with many MPs talking about the disastrous effects on the economy if the UK leaves the EU with No Deal!

Yet there is not one MP who has paused to explain why it would be such a disaster. The truth of the matter is, no one can know for sure what the outcome would be. In the past, we had MPs informing us of the terrible consequences of voting for Brexit, with George Osborne telling out and out lies about “half a million losing their jobs if we voted Brexit”. That just didn’t happen. Most of the scaremongering coming from remainers has quite frankly become a bad joke! I have written to several remainer MPs asking why they vehemently oppose No Deal, and no one can come up with an answer.

Philip "Ramainer Phil" Hammond
Philip Hammond

The truth is there are a handful of MPs that see No Deal Brexit as being a complete divorce from the EU. That will be the end of the road for the relationship. And an end to their dreams of reversing Brexit! Remember the smirking Philip “Remainer Phil” Hammond telling corporate bosses that senior MPs would stop a No Deal Brexit, and countless reports in the media since, about life after Brexit and how disastrous it will all be. Between these MPs and the completely biased BBC, who constantly refer to a No Deal scenario as “crashing out”, they have managed to brainwash the rest of the MPs into believing the worst.

Since most of the Countries in the Bloc are scared stiff of a No Deal Brexit, it makes much more sense to just leave, as planned on 29th March 2019, then agree a deal?? It’s not rocket science! We would be in a much better position to secure a great deal, and we would not be parting with 39 billion GBP. But all the underhanded Remainer MPs are scheming away and will tell you they just want to avoid a No Deal Brexit when what they really want is to have Article 50 revoked and for the UK to stay in the EU indefinitely. We must never allow this to happen! The problem is.. We can never again trust an MP on words alone!

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