Khan – Not Fit For Purpose!

So statistics have shown the capital has one of the highest child obesity rates in Europe, and Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London has decided to axe adverts for unhealthy foods on all TfL tube stations and bus stops in the capital. Foods targeted include breakfast cereals, yoghurts, cakes, juices, sausages, pies, coleslaw, pizza, cooking sauces and bread with additions such as olives. The ban is backed by celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver, and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Now, for me, four points sprang immediately to mind when I first read this article in the London Evening Standard. First of all, I have read so much garbage in the ES lately that I’m asking myself if the story is really true. Assuming it is, do you really think, Mr. Khan, that by banning advertising of fatty foods, on tube stations and bus stops, you will prevent children from putting on weight? I think not! There were advertisements for all sorts of goodies when we were growing up but we didn’t put on weight!

The main cause of child obesity today is lack of exercise. You don’t get much exercise on your phone or computer in your bedroom. Or when your mother collects you from school in the four by four. The problem is almost certainly a parent/teacher thing. Children should be encouraged to exercise at home and at school. And parents should have more interest in their child’s diet.

In your capacity as Mayor of London, you should be totally concentrating on the problem of rising violent crime, and young people being murdered on the streets of the capital.  Violent crime in the capital has reached a 10-year high, 134 murders were recorded on the streets of London last year, and knives were the weapon of choice behind many of them. But when the BBC organized a special TV debate on knife crime in London, you never even bothered to turn up.

I suspect that this TfL ban is a Khan orchestrated PR stunt, to deflect attention from the fact he is doing nothing about other more important issues. Over the last couple of years London has deteriorated in several areas to the extent that many people now consider our capital to be a broken city. This is all down to you Sadiq Khan, and I don’t think even you can blame that on Brexit or Trump!

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