Has Anna Soubry Lost The Plot?

I have noticed over the past few years a new trend in the political arena. If you lose a vote, you create as much chaos and mahem as possible to try to reverse the democratic vote you lost! It started in the US when President Trump won his election. Democrats found it hard to accept that they had lost and the initial anger turned to hate. They did everything they could to prevent the new President from doing his job and social media was awash with fake news as they tried desperately to get Trump impeached.

I think the same scenario has developed in the UK since the Leave campaign won the EU referendum in 2016. Those who lost the vote, the Remainers, were initially very angry, but as time has passed the anger has turned to hate and now the hate is causing them to make the most ridiculous claims possible in their efforts to overturn the Brexit vote. A typical example of this can be witnessed in the behavour of Anna Soubry, who for me has displayed the worst behavoural problems amongst our political elite, other than Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell, in the UK, and I really am beginning to think that she, in particular has lost the plot!

Anna Soubry: Britain’s Worst MP

She genuinely believes that the whole of the UK agrees with her point of view and anyone that disagrees with her is an idiot! I think that’s an excellent description of the term, bigot! She now makes herself available to the BBC at every opportunity, thoroughly enjoying the limelight, but the emphasis of what she has to say is always on herself – me me me!

Anna Soubry is entitled to her opinion, but as an MP she should respect that others may have a different opinion and her attitude towards anyone who does not agree with her is truly shocking. There is no place in British politics for any MP who has clearly demonstrated that the plot has been lost, and in the case of Anna Soubry, to the point where she could never find it again!

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