Are The Independent Group Committing Political Suicide?

Earlier today I read that George Galloway had announced on his talk show, that the person behind The Independent Group (TIG) whom the group have made great efforts to keep secret, is non other than Tony Blair. My first thoughts were that George Galloway absolutely detests Tony Blair more than the British public hate him, so is this just a game Galloway is playing. If it is true, however, then that would explain why Mr. Blair has been spotted several times, over the last few days, close to the groups office in Sale, Manchester.

Tony Blair
Tony Blair

It is no secret that Tony Blair is desperate for the UK to remain in Europe, and will do just about anything to overturn the will of the majority of the people. So it is quite plausible that he would set up this breakaway group by enlisting other MPs who share his desire to kill Brexit, make out that they were dissatisfied with the antisemitism in the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn gets the blame. A couple of weeks later Blair joins the Group and within days he is their leader. Hopefully no one twigs that he has set the whole thing up and he is in control of a huge thorn in the side of Brexit!

Quite a plan.. for Tony Blair that is. For the rest of TIG, not such a good move. Once Brexit is done, or not as the case may be, Blair will have no interest in the group, or their long term plans. The Independent Group consists of lesser known MPs that have now set themselves up for a real struggle to still be involved in the political arena after the next General Election. In trying to steal Brexit from the 17.5 million voters who won the referendum you can count on them being hammered at the polling stations in the not too distant future.

Although several of the group hold a safe seat for the Parties they abandoned, as independents it will be a different story. Anna Soubry, for example, held a narrow margin of just 863 votes as a Conservative. You can bet that the Conservatives and Labour and even UKIP are going to contest that seat with great venom, and I doubt that Soubry will be in the top three.

The Independent Group (TIG)

So enjoy the flash of the cameras while you can, but remember, it won’t last long! The EU Referendum was a democratic exercise won by Leave voters. You remainer MPs don’t seem to appreciate that 17.4 million of us wanted to get far away from the EU and all the bad taste that goes with them. No Deal is the only way you can deliver that to us. As honest MPs you should have backed all the positive energy of those wanting to leave and made sure that democracy was served! You chose to put all your efforts into trying to reverse the decision, so now you are on a sticky down-slope I find it difficult to be sympathetic towards you! It was your own choice to take the fast track to political suicide. I doubt whether Tony Blair will shed any tears for you.

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