So What’s This All About?

For many of us, Brexit has been a real eye opener, not only in regard to the way Government works, but to the incredible lies, deceit and general disregard of the electorate, by a large percentage of politicians. In fairness, although around two thirds of the 650 politicians in the House of Commons voted for the UK to remain in the European Union, many of these were respectful of the outcome of the 2016 referendum, which resulted in 17.4 million votes (52%) in favour of leaving.

However, some MPs have their own agendas and are keen to reverse Brexit, by using any means possible, as long as they achieve their aim. The Speaker of the House, who voted Remain, is prepared to bend the rules so that MPs are able to vote to disrupt a No Deal Brexit.

The Main Stream Media have resorted to heavily biased reporting in favour of remaining in the EU, in total disregard for the 17.4 million voters who wanted to leave. The MPs who are doing their utmost to disrupt Brexit are 100% from the remain camp, who were the minority in the referendum, yet they will have us believe that their actions are for the benefit of the UK.

So the purpose of this web portal, is to identify and expose those individuals who have blatantly shown disrespect to the Leave voters, and to encourage our members to nurture ideas for ways to ensure that these despicable people never again have the opportunity to treat the electorate with such contempt.

We Need Your Help – We Can’t Do This Alone!

If, like us, you care passionately about the UK and a future with reliable and trustworthy MPs taking care of our business, then register and join us to debate the best ways we can achieve this. Your input will be extremely welcome..

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